A revolutionary software application for Casting Directors and Executives

qwireCast is a revolutionary software application to help Casting Directors and Executives build their own digital library to keep track of talent, create lists and share digital information instantaneously with colleagues and clients.

Binders full of cast wrap lists and endless Word files with resized photos will be a thing of the past as our software allows the user to simply click a button and access the actor’s information into a sorted table that can be printed or emailed directly from the application itself. With hours saved creating these dynamic lists, Casting Directors can spend more valuable time digging for and discovering talent, rather than formatting and stressing over delivering lists. We hope to make every Casting Director’s job easier with the power of qwireCast.

qwireCast Features

  • Build a custom library of talent with photos, age, credits, contact info, availability and notes. Save your library onto a cloud-based server that can be accessed for multiple projects.
  • Assign custom photos and attributes for each talent card that can perform unique searches for ideas within the library per project.
  • Create multiple lists for roles within a project, that can be copy and pasted across different projects.
  • Assign a custom status to each actor within a list that is automatically sorted alphabetically. Perform a quick search to easily update an actor’s availability and status throughout pre- production.
  • Manage statuses inside the preview page by filtering out different lists at different stages within pre-production. Customize which status you want to hide and show photo, age, credits and other attributes, before exporting for executives.
  • Dynamic sort and view options allow Casting Directors and their colleagues to all be working on the same list at the same time, while managing their lists in a much more efficient way.
  • Your private data is always secure with qwireCast. qwireCast has passed security audits at major production studios.



Who is using qwireCast?

Warner Bros. Feature Casting • Sony Pictures Entertainment • CBS Television Studios • Barden / Schnee Casting • Aquila Wood Casting • Heidi Levitt Casting • Penchant Entertainment

“qwireCast makes our casting lists so much easier and efficient. It enables us to do our work with a much quicker turnaround, and is extremely user friendly.”

- Aquila Wood Casting